Patti 4.30ct F-VS1 Cushion Lab Diamond

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The Patti features a stunning 4.30ct lab grown cushion diamond in a tiffany floating setting. The Patti is an absolute eye-catcher of a ring. It utilizes large beautiful 4.6mm lab grown round brilliant diamonds that is sure to grab attention. A 4.30ct cushion is paired with these round brilliants diamonds to create a stunning appeal that is sure to drop jaws.

  • Premium Lab Diamond (CVD): High in quality and made with the most premium lab grown technology available, our certified lab diamonds are always hand-picked and personally inspected to ensure it passes our strict criteria.
  • Extraordinary Brilliance:Our CVD lab grown diamonds will always be exceptionally sparkly. With beautiful proportions, CVD diamonds will always be whiter, shinier, and prettier than HPHT growth lab diamonds
  • An Eternity of Sparkles:The Patti is a ring that has no equal. It's a ring designed with sparkle as the main focus.  Stunning high quality CVD lab diamonds are set on the band to add a type of sparkle that will never be outdone.
  • Full-Custom:The Patti was designed to sparkle. From every little detail, to the height, spacing, and size, everything is full-custom and designed to do nothing but sparkle. Never forced and always custom-made to fit every individual diamond.  

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Product Detail
  • Metal: 14K Gold

  • Metal Weight: 6.6 grams

  • Band Diamond Width: 4.7mm Lab Round Diamonds
  • Center Stone: Cushion 4.30ct F-VS2 Lab Diamond IGI

  • Center Stone Size Appearance: Looks it's actual carat weight 
  • Side Diamonds: 6 F-VS Lab Grown Round Diamonds 0.40ct each 2.40ct total
  • Eternity style: 50% diamonds around the band
  • Will it stack: Yes

  • SKU: LG125

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