A Guide to Caring for your Precious Jewelry

When it comes to fine jewelry, different styles require different levels of care and maintenance. The maintenance needed for your ring depends largely on how intricate the design is.

Low Maintenance (Solitaire, Bezel, Few Diamonds)

Rings with a simple design and few stones are easier to maintain and may only need to be checked every couple of years. These styles typically have no or very few side stones set into the piece, making them low maintenance. (solitaires, bezel setings, vintage settings, low-profile settings)

Medium Maintenance (Pave, Halo, Prong Setting)

Dainty styles, like rings with pave stones, require a bit more attention and should be checked once a year. These medium maintenance styles need to be checked a little more frequently to ensure that the diamonds on the side are secure. (pave settings, halo settings, hidden-halo settings, three-stone settings)

High Maintenance (3D Setting, Shared Prongs, Many Diamonds)

Intricate designs with lots of stones, like 3D pave settings or eternity settings, require the most maintenance. These high maintenance styles take more work to maintain and should be checked at least every six months. This is because these pieces often have very little metal to show off the stones and require regular maintenance to ensure that the stones remain secure.

Tips for Maintaining your Jewelry

Your jewelry is durable, but it will need some care over time. Depending on the design, some pieces may require more maintenance than others. Here are some tips to keep your jewelry in great condition:

  • Take off your jewelry before doing housework, exercising, sleeping, outdoor work, showering, swimming, etc.
  • Try to avoid exposing your jewelry to any kind of chemicals, like cleaning products, soaps, makeup, or perfume.
  • Clean your jewelry once a week with warm water, dish soap, and a soft bristle toothbrush. If you prefer, you can bring it to us for a professional cleaning. We offer free cleaning, check-ups, and prong tightening at any time. (We don't cover shipping charges)
  • Polish/Rhodium your jewelry to keep it looking extra sparkly! Remember, taking care of your jewelry will help it last for years to come!