Why Choose Lab Grown Diamonds?


Lab grown diamonds are made in the lab as opposed to being drilled from the earth.

Beauty & Quality

Lab grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and visual properties as natural-mined diamonds. The only difference is how its made.

Unmatched Value

Lab grown diamonds offer excellent value. They are more cost-effective than natural diamonds of the same size and quality

Benefits of a Lab Grown Diamond

Lab-created diamonds are real diamonds with identical properties to mined diamonds. Free from conflicts and ethical concerns associated mined-diamond, lab diamonds are grown in controlled conditions. In fact, lab-created diamonds often surpass mined diamonds in quality due to the precise control and monitoring of their growth process.

  • More beautiful due to higher quality and purity

  • Fewer imperfections compared to natural diamonds

  • Environmentally friendly thanks to advancement in technology

  • Budget-friendly options without compromising on quality

  • Certified and ethically sourced from places that don't engage in questionable practices

Most Popular Styles

Discover in-demand settings to pair with lab created diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamond FAQs

Yes. Compared to natural diamonds of the same size and quality, lab created diamonds are a lot more affordable and offer excellent value to carat weight.

Lab diamonds offer an ethical and affordable alternative for customers seeking larger and higher quality diamonds. Their true value comes from the beauty of the stone. Since lab grown diamonds are new to the industry, there is more uncertainty on future pricing compared to natural diamonds

Yes, CVD lab diamonds will always pass a diamond test, but some HPHT lab diamonds may not.This is due to the metallic impurities in HPHT lab diamonds.

We only carry CVD lab diamonds. This is because the CVD process produces higher quality diamonds and are Type IIa diamonds - the most chemically pure form of diamond.

Because they are certified and graded the same as a mined natural diamond, lab created diamonds can be insured the exact same way.

Just like a natural diamond, lab grown diamonds will vary in color, clarity, and cut, making each one unique. Independent gemological labs evaluate and grade lab diamonds using the same standards applied to natural diamonds.

Unlike diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia, lab diamonds have the same durability and hardiness as a natural mined diamond and will not get cloudy over time.