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Payment Plans

Step-by-Step Guide on Accessing our Payment Plan

If you prefer to pay in installments, we provide a flexible, interest-free payment plan for you to choose from.

Pay on your own terms.With a minimum deposit of 20%, and a maximum window of 12 months

Payment plans are offered by Lay-Buys.and Pay-Pal is used for payments via recurring charges. For your convenience, payments are automatic and hassle-free.

Listed below is a detailed guide on how to access our payment plans.

Add Items to Cart and Proceed to Checkout to Begin

In order to access the payment plans you will need to complete these first two pages and proceed to payment.
1. Enter your information, then continue to shipping.
2. Enter your shipping then continue to payment.

Access Payment Plans on the Payment Page

After inputting your information and shipping, you will be on the "payment" page.
1. This will be the page where you will can access payment plans.
2. Entering your credit card information is not necessary, select the option put it on lay-buy"
3, Press "complete order" and you will be re-directed to Lay-Buys payment plans. Here you will be able to complete your order

Extremely Flexible. Pay on Your own Terms.

You will be able to select a deposit amount, and a payment window on your own terms.
1. Select your deposit. This is the "pay now" amount. Choose from a minimum of 10% and up to a maximum of 50%
2. Select the amount of months until the final pay-out is paid. Minimum of 1 month and maximum of 12 months.
3. Preview of deposit + monthly payments.
4. After selecting the above options, this will take you to Pay-Pal, where you may choose your desired payment option (Pay-Pal, Visa, etc.)

Final Steps on Pay-Pal

After you login with your Pay-Pal account, there will be an overview and payment method for you to choose.
1. An overview of your terms.
2. Select your preferred payment method.
"Agree & Continue" to finalize your payment.
Payments are automatic, you do not have to manually pay each month.

North south jewelry offers some of the finest quality custom jewelry, at very affordable prices.

In Fullerton, CA, a young woman worked diligently to create a store which would give personal attention to every person who came to their booth. From this beginning of caring honest interaction, sprung a wonderful budding jewelry business. Once someone purchased a piece, no matter how big or small, they were "family" and the next time they would come back, they were always met with a smile, and a knowledge of their likes and dislikes, as well as remembering all their family.