General Questions

If you are unsure about your ring size, you can check out our easy to follow ring size guide. Here we share the best tips and method on how to determine your ring size.

Before ordering a ring, we always recommend to check out our ring size guide. If the ring you ordered does not fit and requires resizing, we offer a one time free of charge resizing. You may contact us and leave a request. You may also visit our storefront located in Fullerton, CA for resizing or repairs.

Yes! If for any reason you would like to visit our storefront, we are located in Fullerton, CA.

Our products will already be organized by either the stone or the style, but we know some clients prefer to get down to the specifics! On the top right of the page, there will be a magnifying glass (right next to the shopping cart).  Simply click on the magnifying glass and type in the specific stone or style you would like to see and click ‘Submit’ or press enter.  All the products that meet these specifications will be displayed to you on the search results page.

We regularly update our website with the latest products and styles that our jewelers design. Newly listed products will show in the "New Arrivals" section on the homepage.

You may reach us by phone, email, or walk-ins. If you have any questions or inquiries, you may contact us at our Contact Us page. 

Without you, our loyal clients, we would not have been in business for over thirty years! Subscribing to our newsletter will net you exclusive deals only for our loyal customers! You can sign up for our newsletter on the bottom of the website. Just enter your first name and email address and a confirmation letter will be sent to your email shortly.


All of our diamonds are naturally mined and ethically sourced. We provide proof and certifications for diamonds used as a center stone.

Unless specifically requested, we do not carry lab-created diamonds. Advancement in technology has caused an influx of lab-created diamonds to hit the market at rates lower than ever seen before. Due to the scarcity aspect of diamonds, a natural diamond will always retain its value. On the other hand, due to the rate of advancement in technology, lab-created diamonds can be mass-produced more efficiently. This causes an imbalance between the supply and demand; therefore making it difficult for a lab-created diamond to maintain its resale value.

Yes! For all of our center stones we provide certification from GIA, AGS, and EGL.

If you specifically request to change out your center stone with a lab diamond, we will be more than happy to source a lab created diamond per your specifications, and appropriately quote the change in price for you.

Order and Refund

Yes! It is safe to shop at  We use industry-standard encryption technology to ensure client data and privacy are kept private when it is sent to this site.  The ‘Lock’ to the left of your address bar shows that our website is secure.

After an order has been placed, you will receive an email notification confirming your order and delivery status. Once we ship your order, a delivery status notification with a tracking number will be sent to your email.

Yes!  You will be given the opportunity to create a personalized message at checkout.  The message will be enclosed in a white envelope, and will arrive with your gift package.

Returns and refunds have never been easier. Our refund policy page will provide you with the necessary steps required for a refund.

Shipping and Delivery Status

Yes, all shipments are done by trusted carriers such as UPS or USPS.  All of our shipments are fully insured by NorthandSouthJewelry.

We value perfection at first sight. In order to achieve this and prevent unnecessary delays, once an order is placed, our jewelers located in Los Angeles, will begin to craft your piece. Once completed, it will be sent to our quality assurance team in Fullerton, to assure the piece is perfect and matches your specifications. Please allow 3-7 business days to complete this process and another 3-7 business days for your order to arrive.

All orders above $50 will receive complimentary shipping to U.S domestic locations.

We are happy to serve clients from all over the world.  Pricing may vary based on your final shipping destination.  Please feel free to contact us for more information on international shipping.

About us

Fine jewelry does NOT have to be a luxury... A 100% price mark up is generally accepted in the jewelry industry. Here at North and South Jewelry, we firmly believe that to be outrageous and that fine jewelry should be AFFORDABLE and within arms reach of everyone and anyone. We believe that everyone deserves a special piece on their special day.

We offer only the finest selection of custom made jewelry and pre-made jewelry at very affordable prices. The piece that you've been DYING to get your hands on? We probably have it! (If not, just request a custom design!)

We have a storefront located in Fullerton, CA and a manufacturer located in the jewelry district in downtown Los Angeles, CA. By owning both the front-end and back-end, we eliminate high fees and a piece of jewelry moves from our workshop, to the storefront, then directly to your hands.

We cut costs, not corners (except round cut stones, UNFORTUNATELY we have to cut corners there!). Our jewelers have over 30 years of bench jewelry experience (est. in 1985). We keep prices low by eliminating all the jargon and middleman fees.